Our Approach

Our Approach

It's Competitive Out There

A great property doesn't last long on the market. We will make sure we're on top of the  market and as soon as a property you might like comes around, we'll reach out.

Our Story

No One Rents Faster Than Us

Nothing in our portfolio stays vacant for long, including a property you may be interested in. If you have a property need or request, let us know.


More Exclusive Inventory

We've been in the business long enough to establish fantastic relationships with local real estate movers and shakers - so, what you see with us isn't what you see everywhere else.

More Acquired Inventory

We are constantly searching and acquiring that we know you will like and can afford.

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

We treat each of our clients like they're closing on a multi-million-dollar bi-level. There's no such thing as an insubstantial transaction in our eyes.

You Benefit From Our Experience

When you're dealing with a young or inexperienced firm, you don't know what they don't know. Having been in the business in the city for more than 25 years, we know a lot!

You Have Nothing to Lose

We're almost certain we have a property already in our portfolio that you will fall in love with. If we don't, you lose nothing – but browse, you might be surprised!

We Work Around Your Schedule

Nobody's schedule is certain. If you are committed elsewhere during the day, call us...we can work with you for evening showings or weekends.

Who We Are.....

For nearly two decades, SouthPost, LLC, has been highly regarded in the lease and sale of properties, land development, and construction of new and renovation of old buildings. We specialize in the needs of our customer with special requests in building and/or renovating a structure conducive to their business.

SouthPost, LLC, has an impressive portfolio including premiere locations in cities of Shelby, Cherryville, Forest City, Gastonia, Rutherfordton, Kings Mountain, Belmont, Boiling Springs, Ellenboro, Waco, and Lowell. Our portfolio also includes properties in South Carolina in the cities of Blacksburg and Gaffney. Speak with John Whaley or Carl Whaley to learn why SouthPost, LLC, has been trusted with the management, development, and sell of some of North and South Carolina's most valuable properties. Call (704) 487-8176. We understand the needs of today's buyer and today's tenant.

SouthPost, LLC, is known for quality service. Because of this, we are highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. Our friendly and exceptional service sets us apart from other property management companies. Other property management companies cannot meet our extensive resources and long-standing relationships within the community. Call SouthPost, LLC, today and learn why we are the area's best choice for handling your real estate needs. (704) 487-8176.